Dermacare Core 4 with Retinol 10x
Dermacare Core 4 with Retinol 10x

Dermacare Core 4 with Retinol 10x

Everything you will need to improve the appearance of your skin.

From smoothing serum to smoothing pads that will soften and condition your skin, each package includes everything you will need to improve the appearance of your skin.

The Core 4 with Retinol 10x Includes

  • Glycolic Cleanser 
  • Retinol 10x Serum
  • Collagen Peptide Therapy
  • Vitamin C Brightening Serum

Vitamin C Brightening Serum

Features a multi-targeted, Vitamin C enriched system of high-performance ingredients which help brighten the complexion, support healthy collagen production, and help fight free radicals. Additionally, these ingredients improve the appearance of aging and photo-damaged skin and improve skin resilience by offering a potent antioxidant treatment.

Collagen Peptide Therapy

Collagen Peptide Therapy cosmetically enhances rebuilding of the skin from beneath and protects the renewed skin from further damage.
A complete system paired with Facial Firming Therapy in the Appearance Enhancement Kit, which relaxes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and prepares the skin for new collagen (re-building).

Retinol Smoothing Serum

Assists in the achievement of softer, smoother, firmer and more evenly toned skin. It helps achieve more radiant looking skin while delivering the skin enhancing benefits of Green Tea Polyphenols and Caffeine USP in a moisturizing base. For facial use only.

Glycolic Moisturizing Cleanser

Creamy, moisturizing glycolic 10% cleanser gently exfoliates, cleanses and brightens skin, revealing a smooth healthy radiant skin complexion.

More Information

Vitamin C Brightening Serum

  • Ascorbate blend of Arbutin, Emblica and Bearberry help to brighten skin.
  • Enhanced with Bio-Compatible Antioxidant System of Emblica, CoQ10, vitamin E and Superoxide Dismutase for immediate antioxidant benefits.
  • Lightweight, high-potency, non-irritating serum helps to brighten, firm, improve skin elasticity, texture and tone.
  • while hydrating the skin.

Collagen Peptide Therapy

  • Palmitoyl Pentapeptide – 4 to correct wrinkles & fine lines by supporting new collagen growth.
  • Therapeutic levels of Green & White Tea Polyphenols & other potent antioxidants to protect collagen from environmental damage.
  • Sodium Hyaluronate for intensive hydration & plumping of the dermis.
  • Ceramide 2 for lipid replenishment & maintenance of the barrier function.
  • LYCD supports cellular oxygenation.

Retinol Smoothing Serum

  • Increases firmness & elasticity.
  • Minimizes signs of aging.
  • Reduces appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, redness & pore size.
  • Enhances tone & texture.
  • Revitalizes & nourishes.
  • Restores moisture.

Glycolic Moisturizing Cleanser

  • Contains a rich blend of antioxidants including vitamins A, C, E, Green Tea and CoQ10.
  • Formulated with ultra pure crystalline glycolic acid with pH of 4.0.
  • Great as part of a Keratosis Pilaris regimen.
Skin Type Acneic Skin
Size 1 Kit
Brand Dermacare of San Diego
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Vitamin C Brightening Serum
Massage a thin layer over the desired area once or twice daily or as directed by your physician.

Retinol Smoothing Serum
Speak with your physician before using if pregnant.
Available in a 1 fl. oz. silver airless pump dispenser bottle.
Gluten, Paraben, Oil and Fragrance-free.

Glycolic Moisturizing Cleanser
Apply a moderate amount to wet skin and massage gently. Rinse clean with lukewarm water and towel dry.

Vitamin C Brightening Serum: Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate, L-Ascorbic Acid, Ascorbic Acid Naturally Complex, Polypeptides, Ascorbyl Glucoside, Ascorbate Palmitate, Arbutin, Bearberry, Emblica, Citrus Terpenes, CoQ10, Vitamin E, Superoxide Dismutase.

Collagen Peptide Therapy: Green & White Tea Polyphenols, Emblica, Bisabolol, Vitamins A,C,E, Palmitoyl Pentapeptide 4, Squalane, Ceramide-2, Hyaluronic Acid.

Retinol Smoothing Serum: All-trans-Retinol, Green Tea Polyphenols, Caffeine USP, Hyaluronic Acid.

Glycolic Moisturizing Cleanser: Paraben, Gluten, Soap and Alcohol-free; Non-comedogenic (will not clog pores); Key Ingredients: Glycolic Acid 10%, Vitamins A,C,E, CoQ10, Green Tea Extract, Bisabolol, Botanicals, Lavender Oil.

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